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Thank You Voters!

Another election is behind us, and what an election it was. While every election is vitally important to the future of our nation and state, this one certainly ranks near the top.

We decisively reelected President Obama assuring our nation will continue the progress toward economic justice and recovery, rather than a return to a failed economic strategy. For me one of the greatest outcomes is the realization that Barack Obama will likely appoint one or two future Supreme Court justices, hopefully restoring balance to the court.

In Washington we elected Jay Inslee the next Governor, Bob Ferguson the next Attorney General, and retained democratic majorities in both the House and Senate. Pretty good night’s work!

Washington State made history by joining Maryland and Maine in approving marriage equality for everyone. We joined Colorado in legalizing marijuana greatly reducing our criminal justice costs. We have every reason to be proud of the progressive vision we have created for our state.

On a personal note, I extend a sincere “Thank You” to the voters of the 45th District for electing me to my 5 term as your Representative in Olympia. It has been an honor to serve you and I look forward to getting back to the Capitol and getting back to work. Much work awaits us as we tackle education funding, economic recovery, and assuring an adequate safety net for all Washingtonians.

Thank you again and please stay in touch. It means a lot to hear from you.